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Spring Season Event: Irish Chamber Orchestra "Haydn in Paris" at University Concert Hall, Limerick, Ireland


Education Tools

: Part 1 Changing Lives Through Music
Introduction to the Irish Chamber Orchestra Education & Community Services by Kathleen Turner.
Duration: 5 minutes. 

: Part 2 An interview with Gabor Takácks-Nagy, Conductor and Principal Artistic Partner
An introduction to the work of Joseph Haydn and the ICO programme;
An introduction to the work of Giuseppe Verdi
An introduction to the work of Garrett Sholdice (Irish composer) and the world premiere of his Piano Concerto (2014)
A short lesson in conducting, reading scores and working with groups of musicians from chamber groups to large orchestras
Duration: 15 minutes.

: Part 3 Garrett Sholdice, Composer
An introduction to composing, working as a musician, insight into the creative process and a walkthrough of work of one of Irelands young artists. A short lesson in composition - how to write a piece of music. This is a tool that is useful to both students and teachers.

Duration: 10 Minutes

: Part 4 Michael McHale
1. An introduction to work and life as a professional musician - Michael talks about what is involved when you're a professional musician, how he started, why he chose this profession and the daily routine of a professional pianist.
Duration: 5 Minutes

The content is suitable for primary, post-primary and tertiary education institutions.
The content is appropriate as a teaching and learning for use in traditional classroom contexts and general music education services.

The Irish Chamber Orchestra is resident at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick. The ICO Education Programmes offer music as an instrument of social change, introducing children to music, creativity, innovation, understanding and openness, thus helping them to reach their full potential as individuals. Sing Out with Strings is the ICO’s popular flagship community engagement programme.

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